Have you heard about ‘cinemagraphs’? They are a ‘living image – a still photograph that contains an element of movement looped seamlessly to create a never ending moment.’

Brands like Coke, Chanel and Calvin Klein are in on the cinemagraph craze.

Intrigued, I decided I had to try my hand at creating one.  It was surprisingly easy. Once you know the process, creating these short GIFs or mpg4 videos is about your creativity.

First I had to find a video source. It’s best if your original source is steady with an element of constant movement. If you make your own video, you should use a tripod. I found a free video at Pexels that met my needs.

Then I fired up Photoshop and went to work.

Here is the result.


This is the original video.

Posting on Social Media

I discovered that posting an animated GIF to Facebook and Instagram is not straightforward. If posting a GIF, then you need to upload to a webpage or some other platform like Tumblr, and then post the link. Or you need to save the file as an mpg4 and post it as a video.

Why use cinemagraphs in your online marketing

When done well, cinemagraphs can be hypnotic and eye-catching. Although they’ve been around since 2011, they are not commonly used, and therefore, rather unique. Considering that you have about 2 seconds to catch a viewer’s attention, they can differentiate your brand in a world of still images and videos.

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