Vintage Ads 1950s – No Wonder Women Burned Their Bras

I was looking at design styles of vintage ads when I came across these gems.

It’s been said that advertising is a window into a society’s culture. If these ads are an indication of North American culture in the 1950s, then it is no wonder that Women’s Lib took hold in the 60s and 70s, and that bra burning became a favourite past time of feminists. Not to mention the outrageous uses for various products!

Vintage ad 1950s

Thank goodness we have Tim Hortons now.

Vintage 1950s ad #1

Lysol as a douch & birth control. Seriously?

Vintage 1950s ad #2

If Santa brings me a Hoover I’ll stop believing!

Vintage 1950s ad #3

Did people really believe it was OK to feed their babies 7 Up?

“We write ADS or people die! It’s that simple!”

And now for some advertising agency humour ….

If you’ve ever worked in an advertising agency,  you know the friction that can exist between the “Suits” (account people) and the “Creatives” (art directors and writers). If you’re a fan of the TV show, Mad Men, then sometimes you’ll see this power struggle in action. This hilarious video says it all.