Fun with YouTube-Creating a Custom Video Player

The other day I placed a video on my gardening hobby blog, The Bloomin’ Blog. I noticed that the video player was too large for the blog’s template.

Book cover

YouTube & Video Marketing An Hour A D

Ever the intrepid, sometime web geek, I had to find out how to correct this problem. What I discovered is that you have to change the video embed code’s object width and height.  I discovered this nugget of information in the book, YouTube & Video Marketing an Hour a Day.

This lead me to learn about how to go one step further and create a custom video player from YouTube. There are certain benefits to going through with this exercise, rather than just embedding the code per video:

1) You can create visual standards for the the videos that you embed in your website or blog, including sizing and colours. These remain for all YouTube videos you may post. For branding purposes this is a bonus.

2) Viewers have the option to select other videos you may have posted or “faved” on YouTube allowing more opportunities for your videos to be viewed.

You can watch a short tutorial below (another thing I taught myself how to do today-forgive the low quality!):